I UK [bəʊlt] / US [boʊlt] noun [countable]
Word forms "bolt":
singular bolt plural bolts
1) a metal bar that you slide across a door or window in order to lock it
2) a type of screw without a point that is used for fastening things together and that screws into a small metal ring called a nut
nut I
3) a long wide roll of cloth

a bolt of cloth/silk

4) a short heavy pointed stick that you shoot from a crossbow

a bolt from/out of the blue — something that surprises you very much because you were not expecting it to happen

It was a bolt out of the blue when Alan resigned.

II UK [bəʊlt] / US [boʊlt] verb
Word forms "bolt":
present tense I/you/we/they bolt he/she/it bolts present participle bolting past tense bolted past participle bolted
1) [transitive] to lock a door or window using a bolt

Did you remember to bolt the back door?

2) [transitive] to fasten two things together using a bolt
bolt something to something:

The chairs were all bolted to the floor.

bolt something together:

The hut was made from metal units that had been bolted together.

bolt something down (= fix something to the floor):

The benches had been securely bolted down.

a) [intransitive] to run in a sudden way, especially because you are frightened

There was a gunshot and the horse bolted.

bolt out of/towards/for:

She suddenly bolted towards the door.

b) [intransitive] to escape from a place

When the guard got back, he found the prisoner had bolted.

4) bolt or bolt down
[transitive] to eat food very quickly

She bolted down her lunch and rushed back to work.

III UK [bəʊlt] / US [boʊlt] adverb

English dictionary. 2014.


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